Benjy Bunn Book Review

So I was offered the chance to review a new kids book called Benjy Bunn’s Busy day so here is my review. I loved the character of Benjy Bunn, he was drawn well and I think a character children will like. The colours of the book were appealing and the pictures were illustrated well in the book. I enjoyed the fact that each page had the rhyming words as I think it helps the story flow and also helps the reader, however some of the words to rhyme felt too much like they were forced to fit in.

Benjy Bunn in the story is helping his mum out for the day but essentially he does lots of daft things like he is trying to make a cake but he eats all the currants, then he pulls the flowers out of the garden thinking they are weeds, he tried to make his bed and threw feathers everywhere and he tried to water the grass and soaked the clothes on the washing line.

It was quite a realistic story of when kids try to help adults doing jobs around the house and they end up creating more mess so the parents end up doing twice the amount of jobs so it was a nice realistic feel good story. I would recommend it to children and parents to read because the pictures where nice, there were things to talk about with the children within the book and it could also help introduce chores.

Bev Scott Prior has written several of these Benjy Bunn books now and she wrote the first in 1973 for her children. They continue to be enjoyed by her grand children to this day. The book can be purchased on Amazon at £6.99 paperbook or with KindleUnlimited.

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