Make money for Christmas

So just 97 days until Xmas 2018 so I have put together some suggestions to make it less weight on your bank balances. This includes where you can save money and also offers and deals. Just remember that Christmas is only one day and it shouldn’t be all about the presents we receive even if they are nice.

Couples – If you are like me and my husband we have a joint account anyway so the point of him buying me something and me buying him something is pointless, throughout the year if we each want something we get it, I have no interest in showing off what a great husband he is over social media in the ‘Look what he bought me’ pictures. Or the ‘Great Wife’ type pictures that happen on Xmas day. It came out of the same account, you pretty much bought it for yourself!

There are still bank offers up for grabs for switching. Recommend a friend to Nationwide would still see you both get £100 before Christmas due to timings and also HSBC is still giving away £150 cashback when you switch to them. Also some credit cards offer cash back on purchases. Asda I believe offer 1% or something back on the credit card for shopping with them, so worthwhile getting cash back if you regularly buy petrol and shop their.

PR Case Studies – Check out #journorequest and #prrequest on Twitter. You can also follow magazines you like and read through them to make a list of ones that pay for pictures or stories as this could be an easy way to make a bit of spare cash. We did a small article in a magazine where I had to send a picture in of our recent holiday and do 300 words about it which took about 10 minutes and we got paid from that so definitely worth the 10 minutes of research compiling a list of journalists and magazines looking for people.

Selling unwanted things – My son still has things from last Christmas under his bed unopened and I have said he is getting nothing unnecessary this year as it is a waste, although I like him to have lots of presents to open as I feel that is what being a kid is about I don’t want to justify the expense if he doesn’t play with things. One year a few years back he came down in the morning, picked the biggest box as he had wanted a lego train and then spent all day building and playing with that. He didn’t care about the other presents, in fact I had to shout him down in the afternoon to open some. This year essentially the kids could do with laptops to do their homework on and I know amazon have good prices on laptops as do Currys have some offers sometimes so I am tempted just to buy those, but then I would feel bad if they came down and there was just one present.

Surveys – Many of the survey sites offer quick redemption. Valued Opinions is a great one for Amazon vouchers and Globaltestmarket and BrandedSurveys do a quick paypal usually in around 7 days. Use apps like Shoppix and receipthog to take pictures of your receipts to build up your funds as well as they result in Amazon vouchers as well which you can put towards the cost of Christmas.

Part time work – Many companies are now offering Christmas Temporary work for people looking to make extra cash for Christmas and if you earn under the threshold (your tax code usually tells you the threshold for you) then you probably won’t pay tax on it. Look for shop work, supermarkets and also delivery companies.

Do you really need to spend £25 on a turkey? Maybe use a different meat. We had beef, gammon and chicken all bought from asda last year. Fed about 12 of us and cost £15 and we ate the leftovers the next day with chips and peas. Morrisons also offer a scheme called Christmas Savers where you can buy stamps throughout the year and use them to buy your Christmas food and drink shopping, great as you have already paid for what you use so you aren’t putting the Christmas day food bill on plastic.


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