Party Ideas for Girls

So I have 2 girls and they are 8 and 6 years old and both enjoy parties especially for their birthdays so here are some birthday party ideas for girls.

Movies and a sleepover – There are a few companies out there currently offering a sleep over idea in your home where they bring you cool tents and sleeping bags so all you need to provide is pizza, popcorn and a movie and you are all set. You could even create some non-alcoholic cocktails, the quid shop does nice wine style glasses so the girls can feel more grown up.

Disco – Girls love a disco and a dance so why not hire your local event hall, usually pretty cheap £40 or so for a few hours and then book a DJ. Essentially then all you need are some sandwiches and foods to nibble on, cake and the party bags, but you can just do sweet cones it is so much easy, you can get bags off ebay for around £2.

Pampering Party – Summer is actually having one of these for her next party, the cost per head is quite expensive however you just need to invite less kids so around £25 per child so I said she could just have 6 therefore it still costs about the same as a disco. The kids get glitter hair spray, a made up face and a facial and then hand and toe nails painted. They also get a nice buffet lunch and then to eat cake afterwards. Contact your local salon to see if it is something they can offer.

Event Animal Party – Local horse riding schools or pet visiting places may have special packages for kids parties so it is worthwhile checking those out. I know our local farm have a special offer for birthdays where you visit the farm, café and play area for a set price so that is something for all the animal lovers out there.

Performing Arts parties – The 3 hour acting, singing and dancing classes weekly are becoming popular and a few of them do their own parties so they come along to your venue and do a party where they may get kids to act and get involved and then teach them a dance or something so this could be a fun creative party.


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