My Real Birth Experiences

Bradley – When you are pregnant with your first you just don’t have a clue what to expect, nothing hits you like becoming a mum for the first time. While you are pregnant you just have a bump, its like you know its a baby but you don’t actually see and realise you have a baby until it comes out. That might make no sense but I know what I mean. So my due date arrived 31st August and no signs of baby, a couple little ‘ooh’ moments throughout the day where you feel like your belly button is tightening and relaxing then it passes. After 4 days of on and off tightening’s, walking around the house in my pyjamas and getting pretty fed up my mum decided to take me into the hospital. We rung first and they said ok as I had had lots of contracting and had been at it for a few days. So finally I got to the hospital, took my nightie with me so It would be easier for the midwife to access me. Got to hospital and then put my nightie on when I got a room and laid on the bed. The midwife came and introduced herself and I was examined. Unfortunately only 2cm and still didn’t have regular contractions. The lady said she would see how I went and then see if they could break my waters. So after a few hours of the contractions getting a little tighter and stronger and quite a bit of gas and air I was examined again and was 3cm, then another 2 hours later I had got to 4cm. It was actually taking forever. So at 4cm the lady decided she could break my waters, essentially they put this stick thing in with a sharp point which essentially I guess bursts your waters, this is how I imagine it as I have never seen it, almost like something bursting a water balloon I would imagine and then the water comes out, not all of it I don’t think but some. This also seemed to ramp up my pain and contractions to a point where I wasn’t handling the pain well.

About 4am and 10 hours after I had gone in I was around 6cm dilated and absolutely fed up, the contraction pain was unbearable and I was contracting more frequently but I couldn’t handle it so they tried me with an epidural. I really needed a wee at one point so tried to get off the bed, the midwife advised as I had epidural I wouldn’t feel my legs so she attempted to pin prick me in each leg so I could tell her if I felt it or not, I was frustrated by this point and just wanted all the circle pads off me and everything away from me so I started trying to move them as she wouldn’t believe I could feel my legs or want a wee. She finally realised when I stepped off the bed and didn’t collapse and agreed the epidural hadn’t worked. Next she got me a little tub so I could wee in that as my other leg was having the epidural effects.

I relaxed a little after that and some how after another 4 hours I was finally at 10cm through boredom of being stuck on the bed with all the cables, wires and contraptions around me I was there, I had been examined and apparently the baby was ready but he still couldn’t get out for some reason so they tried to coax him with some little forceps to help him out. I couldn’t feel anything by this point, my legs were up in stirrups and I was just so tired and fed up. But after a short while my baby was out and laying on me, that was it I was a mum to a bloody gooey covered baby boy. They do look a bit not like you expect when they come out but I kissed his head anyway, it is amazing that you can create something so small and cute. Next grandma lend over for a cuddle and held Bradley while the midwives / people did the next bit. I think I had about 7 people in my room at this point as I had torn and they were worried he wouldn’t have come out, I think even a few students were in there so it wasn’t the best experience but hey ho. The next thing was the placenta which came out easy enough. It is true what they say though the pain does bypass your memory and thoughts once you have the baby. I had to stay in for quite a few hours after Bradley as I had been stitched up so they needed to check I could wee before letting me go home.

Summer – I went into labour with summer at 2am in the morning, my contractions started on my mums birthday, She wanted to surprise grandma and be her first grand daughter sharing her birthday. The contractions were fine for age. I got to hospital about 4am and then had gas and air to manage the contractions. It was relaxing, I was allowed to walk around the room and use the gas and air when needed. I had to have my waters broke at 4cm and I dilated around 1cm per hour after that. By 4pm that afternoon Summer had been born with just gas and air, she was smallish at 7lb 10oz, my smallest baby. But there was a problem – The placenta didn’t come out on it’s own so then I had to go to theatre. I had never had an operation in my life so was rather worried however the guy was so helpful, he took me theatre, put me a gown on and gave me a spinal block. I was awake and could feel them kneading my belly, It was strangely relaxing but they got it out after about an hour and I was going back to see my baby. We stayed in hospital overnight but it was rather awkward as I couldn’t move from my bed so couldn’t get to Summer as easy but I was more mobile the next day.

Ruby – The best birthing experience. By the third time you pretty much know your body is good at the birthing thing and with Ruby my experience was so different. I knew I was having contractions at home 1 day before my due date, the tightenings were becoming regular and the pains were getting stronger but I didn’t want to be stuck in a hospital bed as I knew I was a slow dilator and the last two times I had gone in at 2cm. So I had a bath – the contractions started around 10pm at night and I enjoyed a long relaxing bath to take away the pain. About 4am I had my last bath and then got out. I find the water very relaxing, great for period pains as well so it relaxed me enormously until I got out of the water and then the pains were getting stronger. I rung the hospital ward and they said I could come in. By the time I got there at 6am and was examined I was 4cm but my waters hadn’t broken. The midwife said she would break my waters straight away as I was having regular contractions so I just had some gas and air to cope then I asked if I could have a bath. I spent quite a few hours in the bath having my water topped up but all of a sudden I felt a different sensation, not like a tightening but like my body wanted to do something else so I told the midwife and the 2 ladies helped get me back on the bed, she looked down and said you are ready to push baby is coming and with 2 big pushes with my contractions Ruby was born. The placenta came out easy and the birth was just so ideal.

Kylo – Fourteen days after my due date I rung the hospital at 9pm as polite as I could to ask if they had a bed, Yes they did and I could come in and be induced. I had never been induced before so didn’t know what to expect. I had three stretch and sweeps in the last 3 days and none had advanced me anymore. Luckily when I got to the hospital and laid on the bed I was 3cm dilated which was great. The midwife was trying to break my waters but she said they were strong and didn’t want to burst, then when they did she realised Kylo had soiled himself inside so as well as the water draining with each contraction there was also poo, which made them worried more about the baby. Each contraction made a mess all over the bed, I wasn’t allowed relaxing water, I had to have a canular in my arm for the induction as my body didn’t seem to want to give birth this time. I had to have the epidural after around 5 hours as I couldn’t handle the pain anymore.

There were so many people coming in and going out of the room and at 8am the next morning a consultant came in and said she wasn’t happy with the readings from babies head and they wanted to check his oxygen levels so a man came in and actually scraped from babies head while he was still inside, they took the samples straight to the lab and checked and luckily his results were good so I had a little more time but they wanted me to go to theatre, so the husband had to put scrubs up and I had my epidural topped up to the max so I couldn’t even feel when I was having a contraction anymore. Luckily when I got to theatre, the surgeon had a massive forceps and said maybe he could get Kylo’s head if I could really push and this would be the final time otherwise it would be C-Section which I didn’t really want. So the lady held my hand, the surgeon had the forceps and they told me to push. I pushed with all my might and after 2 pushes and help with the surgeon I got the baby out, they had to take him away so check his mouth and airways for faeces etc and to check he was okay, but he was such a strong baby he was fine. He had a little cuddle with daddy while mummy got the placenta out. Kylo had to stay in for 12 hours and then we got discharged.

Amazing how 4 kids from the same mum can have such different births and be totally different types of kids.

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