Making Money from Home

So you left your job to go on maternity and you have your lovely bundle of joy you have been with for 6 months and you realise you don’t want to go back to work – But what are your options?

Self Employment suits many people that want to find something to fit around their families and earn some money for the household. Self employment is easy to set up. You just need to find something you enjoy doing, that fits around your household. The next step is to register with HMRC as self employed which is as simple as filling in a form. They will also send you a bill for NIC contributions however if your earnings are below the threshold you can apply for an exemption. You will also need some insurance depending on your type of business, many businesses have public liability insurance.

So the next step is really deciding what is for you:

Do you enjoy making things? Why not make things to sell online at sites like etsy, amazon and also at Craft Fayres.

Can you clean and make people’s houses sparkle? Then get registered, a DBS may also be handy, sign up to some cleaning agencies or get some business leaflets printed and get delivering in your local area, hopefully the phone will ring and you will get some clients, obviously you choose your own hours and if you want to do more then you can always take on more people.

Virtual Services – Good at answering the phones and relaying messages? Why not become a reception virtually for businesses. This involves selling your services to the businesses though and having quiet space in your house.

MLM Schemes – Many of these schemes offer a chance to work for yourself for a small outlay charge and then you earn on what you sell. There are many out there depending on what you are interested in such as Herbalife, Avon, Juice plus and many more. Some are more for beauty people, others are more for fitness.

Classes – Many classes are great for toddlers and babies and they fit in well for new mums – Some of them are franchises and range from singing and dancing classes to gymnastics and messy classes. Some classes worth looking at include creation station, Jo Jingles and Stagecoach again depending on your area of expertise.

If you have a skill that is required such as book keeping, web designer or many others you can offer your services online at places such as peopleperhour and fiverr that generate you work and build up your client base. Twitter is helpful for B2B marketing in order to engage and communicate with prospective clients.

5 thoughts on “Making Money from Home

  1. It seems like the quiet space is the biggest challenge for me with working from home. I would make an excellent telephone receptionist or travel booking agent, but can’t see how I’d ever get my four year old to be quiet.


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