Gullivers Matlock Review

So we have been to Gullivers twice now both times just me, hubby and the girls for a day out and both times we have paid around £50 for the 4 of us. We usually either take a picnic to eat in the park or there is a pub just down the hill from the park that does lovely homecooked food that is definitely worth a visit.

So lets start the review РThe car park is awful, it is just one big long hill that you have to park on, they have attendants that take a long time to get you into each space and you have to park perfectly otherwise they make you do it again. We have never had to queue to get in so that has been a bonus. You walk up a simple path and then you are in. The first ride that you see is the pirate ship which is nice to get the adrenaline going, and then you move around to the carousel and then the nice water boat ride. Both the water boat ride and also the carousel are suitable for toddlers as they are simple rides. For the more adventurous there is a blue track rollercoaster, Ruby, our 6 year old, loved this rollercoaster  and I guess it is a step up from the baby rides and a bridge between the other coasters. Other thrill seek rides include the water slide where you are in a 2 people boat and you go down a water chute pretty fast, the one on the ride that is steeper is faster and you do a quick turn up the side before you come out. Another ride is the sit in a row and go up really quickly ride, there is a similar one of these where you sit in a row and do a circle motion so you sort of go round in a line. They also have wooden barrels that spin around, you control the spin with your wheel so again can be for any age and as thrill seeking as you want.

There are some pedal bike things that are like a roundabout but if you pedal you go up in the air, there is also a monorail that you pedal that takes you a bit of the way around the park. Other rides include the shoot out train ride which is ideal for all ages and also the dodgems which have laser guns, that never seen to work properly. If you like getting splashed they also have a 4 seater log flume which is pretty cool. (you don’t get too wet). More baby rides include the tractors and also the ladybug ride.

A new addition the last time we went was the high ropes course which my girls were worried about at first but once they got clipped up, watched the safety video and then got up there they really enjoyed and it was included in the entry price which was good. We got there around 10am and we had finished all the rides by around 2pm, I noticed they are putting some beds in so you can now stay over but feel they need a few more rides to justify the time spend there. The first time we went there was entertainment in the park and people dancing but we didn’t see any of this the second time. The rides are okay through for age groups of sort of 4-7 or people who aren’t looking for scary rides.¬†20180324_131152

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