Why I miss the school holidays

So the kids are now back at School, yesterday morning was the worst, ,many shouts of ‘Have you got this’ ‘Don’t forget that’ ‘Remember this’ for every single thing. They had already got uniforms out night before ready, the PE kids were all ready to go yet the kids can still forget something. I looked on social media about all the mums posting about looking forward to the kids going back to school and I felt indifferent. I can’t be the only mum who finds it a hassle and a busy time. Let me explain

For 6 weeks, well probably 7 we could wear what we wanted so didn’t need to excessively wash uniforms, I could drop the kids at the daycare whatever time I wanted, now school is back I am limited to 8am drop offs, then there is the rush for the husband to pick the kids up at 3:20 when daycare offers time until 6pm and then there are all the classes that start back up again and all the expense.

My timetable for the 6 week holidays was take the kids daycare at 7:30, go to work, pick them up at 6pm, come home but my pyjamas on and then relax in front of the TV or do some blogging, social media or indeed some revision for my impending exam.  Now the new school season has started my timetable is:

Monday: School then Singing Classes

Tuesday : School then Rainbows and Brownies / Tutorial night for my study

Wednesday : School then gymnastics classes

Thursday: School then Acting classes for both girls

Friday: School then Ballet classes, cheerleading classes and freestyle dance

So I end up just being a taxi service, a walking bank and also I spent last time in my Pyjamas and cosy house. My other bug bear, especially with the September return to school is how dark the nights get and when it starts getting really dark and you cannot be bothered to go out but you force yourself as you have already paid for the sessions. Another issue I have is your calendar fills up on weekends so there may be a dance practise or take this Saturday when one daughter is an extra in a film – Life just gets hectic and I look forward yet again to the next 7 week holidays when I can relax in my lovely pyjamas and enjoy my freedom.

bed bedroom drink girl
Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

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