Phones at Gigs – Pros and Cons

So we went to see a music concert the other night me and mum and I was surprised to see how many people were filming the entire thing through their phones, why do people do this? Surely if people aren’t there they didn’t want to see the artist why do you have to film it for them and secondly the film that you have taken is probably just rather blurry, unclear and the sound might as well be distorted and you will possibly have lots of back of heads in front of you and if someone stands up to dance and blocks the view that could ruin the entire video.

I did some research into why this is allowed and why people haven’t stopped it and I see that people did try to stop it at their gigs with having phones in bags, however like a lot of people had said what if they had child problems or an emergency and someone needed to get hold of them. The solution I think to this is that you have the phone in your pocket, you don’t hold your phone up to film for a long length of time and if you are doing that then remove that person, because there is nothing worse than being another member of the audience having to watch the show through somebody else’s phone. That way if an emergency text comes in, your phone vibrates, quick check of phone to make sure nothing urgent, if it is then you can excuse yourself and leave to a quieter area to make a call.

If you ban phones from gigs you almost get an exclusive showing just for you, a private concert if you like that only you experienced, you have paid for that opportunity so just enjoy yourself once you are there.

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If people are just doing it to show off and say they have been to a show, why not take a photo of yourself outside the venue, a photo of your tickets or one photo of you with the artist in the background to show you are there then you can show off on social media and say you have been to see X,Y and Z.

2 thoughts on “Phones at Gigs – Pros and Cons

  1. ive never understood why people video concerts on their phones – youre right about the sound quality/blury – it’s better to be in the moment/experience the gig – it’s one of the reasons I’m sober at a gig. i want to remember it all the next morning. i nipped over from blogon linky but I couldn’t find your answer post. see you next weekend – love Bec xx


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