How to make £100 a month easily

Many people are always looking for ways to make extra cash so I thought I would list a few ways to make some extra money, the first month might be tough with setting everything up but after that it should be simpler, it just takes time and patience.

  1. Artistic Modelling or Life modelling – Usually involves sitting nude while a group of artists draw you for around 2 hours, it can get uncomfortable holding the pose but pay is around £10-15 per hour. Don’t worry they don’t need fashion models types in fact any shape or size will do.
  2. Extra – Sign up to some extra agencies as an extra and hope to get some work where you stand about all day on it, If you have to say a line you will get paid a little more. This can be quite boring and long days but pay can be good and you get to appear in films and Tv programmes.
  3. Surveys – Sign up to sites such as toluna, globaltestmarket, valuedopinions, swagbucks and brandedsurveys and you could easily hit around £50 per month if you put the effort in, just answer questions for brands and feedback on their products or surveys for market research
  4. Apps – Many apps also pay well for answering questions such as Lifepoints, Vypr, Receipthog, and Onepulse, you could probably earn around £20 per month from these if you put the effort in and snap your receipt or answer the daily questions or answer questions while in shops.
  5. Working on your talents – Good at childcare, why not do some babysitting? Local gardening for neighbours, washing cars. Join sites like peopleperhour and fiverr and offer your digital services for fees to build up your extra cash.

Know any more ways to make money? Add them in the comments.

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