Money Making Apps

To follow on from the Survey sites that you can make extra cash from I thought I would do the apps I recommend to make money from. Don’t expect to be a millionaire overnight however they might just earn you a few quid to spend on Amazon at Christmas time.

The first app is a shopping app where you scan you receipts, answer a few questions and the more you scan, I think you can do 20 per week, if you do every week for a month you level up and get coins for the slot machine to play to try and win extra coins. Some of the receipts also gain you entry into the monthly draws to win more coins. It does take a while to cash out if you don’t buy that much but it is worthwhile. It can also be useful if you lose receipts and want to take items back to shops – App is called Receipthog

The next app that is very similar is called Shoppix, this will only let you redeem one shop receipt each day however you seem to move up levels rather quickly, you get bonus scratchcards for certain things that give you extra points so a little quicker to redeem and they have weekly surveys for bonus points.

YouGov – You can also use this on a desktop but you get push notifications on your phone so youcan do surveys on their. You need to get to 5000 points to cash out which takes between 5-12 months on average or at least it does for me but you don’t get screened out and the questions are pretty simple to answer.

Vypr – Not the best app in the world but so simple and easy to use you just have to make a choice on each box, it does need constantly refreshing when you open the app up and it insists on having location. If you remember to use it once in stores especially supermarkets you can gain points much quicker. It does take a long time to reach the 10,000 points and you only get £5 but it is still worth having.

Onepulse – Again takes a while to reach $5 to cash out but it is simple to answer the few questions and the questions are pretty regular. They seem to only cash out with paypal. Make sure you add yourself to all the groups in the app, it should help with getting more surveys. The only thing with this app is you need to be quick as soon as you get a push notification as the surveys fill up very quickly. The more surveys you do though the higher you get paid next time when your XP increases.

Jobspotter – A different app altogether. You go around towns, shopping centres, anywhere they are recruiting and take window pictures of job adverts and store fronts and then they calculate something and you get paid. You can also boost your points by reviewing other peoples submissions but it doesn’t pay great. The more people do that the more common adverts the less you get paid but still worthwhile if you shop a lot in lots of different places. – Many issues they seemed to have in the last year with updating the marketplace but it seems to be updated now although many of the items are continuously out of stock, although I have redeemed once. Takes a while to accrue the points but stick with it, if you do the things daily then you can get the points quite quickly.

Lifepoints – It is good when the surveys work but I find I don’t have any surveys and when I do I am not suitable for them. The extra bits like the hot or not or the pyramid don’t seem to give you anymore points but okay if you are bored.

So that is the roundup of apps I recommend to make a little more cash. All the best, let me know how you get on.

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