Worth watching Netflix August 2018

So we got Netflix about 12 months ago and I am not a big TV or film buff however occasionally I fancy a binge or watching a few movies so here is what I have been watching and recommend for August. (Obvs just my opinions)

To all the boys I have loved before – I loved the characters in this one, the main girl was so sweet and the boy was as well. The only problem I had was that it went too simple and nice it was like the perfect fairy tale without any hitches. Definitely reminded me of films like A Cinderella story and the one where the girl gets made up to date the popular guy as a bet. The story is simple -Girl writes 5 notes to boys she has a crush on and leaves them in a box never to see daylight. Her younger sister finds the box and posts and gives them out to the 5 boys. Once is her old best friend and also older sisters boyfriend, one is dating the popular girl at school, one is gay and the others I don’t think found their way and got returned with address problems. They make a deal to act like a couple to make their ex’s and crushes jealous but end up falling for each other.

F the Prom – If you liked Mean girls or clueless type films you will love F the prom. A girl and a boy used to hang out, the girl got popular and the boy gets made fun of. It doesn’t seem to have much of a story other than the uncool kids decide to sabotage the prom, the popular girl’s boyfriend kisses her best friend (who is jealous of popular girl as she has always been in the background) then the main girl decides to join up with the kids who want to sabotage the prom. They all come up with a plan but the main girl can’t go through with it and ends up going to the prom with the popular guy. She ends up getting black paint on her when she goes on stage to collect the crown. Easy film to watch, nice story and the characters were all likable.

Orange is the New Black Series 6 – It took me a full day to watch this latest series. I only started watching last year and pretty much a month was taken up with these fabulous ladies. In series 6 the stories for each girl and the character building was great but it all seemed built up and then ended really quick, it didn’t seem to have time to develop and go deep. I can’t believe Tasty didn’t get a not guilty verdict, other than that another fabulous series and definitely worth a watch.

Magic for Humans – This is a magician that is just brilliant! How he did the trick with the balloons and phone – Mind blowing and lets not forget the trick with the magic bag – How is all that stuff even in their?! Only watched one episode but I am hooked and can’t wait to see what he will do next.

5 thoughts on “Worth watching Netflix August 2018

  1. Some of those sound interesting. I’m not really into TV or movies, but every now and again, I watch a show with Mr. A. Now I’ve got some suggestions rather than just letting him pick.


  2. I should start by saying that i need NO additional encouragement to waste time on Netflix. It is my greatest talent. With that said, these are some great show recommendations. I have not seen any of them yet (I always get stuck on re-runs of my faves) so I may have to give these a go soon. Thanks!


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