Become a model Yorkshire

So my 8 year old decided she wanted to be a superstar today, she certainly has the cheek and attitude for it, her sister who is 6 Ruby copies everything that Summer wants to do so as I was taking pictures of summer she got involved as well. So now I have one headshot and one full length shot of each child – not overly posed just natural – Although I did ask them to brush their hair. Anyway so I did some research to make it easier for other parents and this is what I have come up with in my 2 hour search today.

These agencies are just Yorkshire, compiled by my research and info is correct and what I found today and obviously may change in future.

StarkTalent – Looks like you need to be 16 plus as I couldn’t find any children artists on website but I emailed them anyway

Face Model Management – Easy to apply online so I applied Summer (Thought I would vary the agencies and daughters)

Northern Talent  – Applied Ruby, quick and simple to apply

Starcasting UK – Says they do lots of extras for Emmerdale so we booked to go open day £30 charge and hopefully we will be on website after that. They did take anyone on the books who went to the Open day though so I was pretty sceptical however speculate to accumulate and obviously many different shows/ adverts want different looks and ages.

CastingCollective – Has a charge although I couldn’t find out easily what this was – Also had to be 16 as asked for NI number

RebelSchool – Have to attend their weekly classes

Bigredcurtain – Again have to attend their weekly classes but they are quite local so booked to attend Open Morning in September.

Maddog2020 (Reminds me off that yukky drink way back when! haha) These have an app, downloaded app then realised they only took on age 16 +. Deleted app!

Oakroyd Agency – Over 16 Only

Lemon Casting – Says Teens only cannot see any kids listed although they look to have started Kids classes on their homepage there was a link

Direct PM – Adults only by the looks and you need a Spotlight (The spotlight when I put more research in seems very exclusive but once you have access looks like the opportunities are fabulous)

Nemesis – When I looked through the commercial site I saw kids, however when I clicked join it said you must be 17 so I was rather confused.

Mint Casting – Said the same – Boy kid was on the books however when went to apply said 17+ – I have emailed for clarification – Email back to say they run weekly classes you can attend to assess your suitable. Seem really nice friendly and on the ball but Manchester is at least an hours drive every week so unfortunately won’t be attending the classes.

PHA Agency – Had trouble with the form but just sent through an email – Needed side profile shots for this one as well

EKA Agency – Submitted online – Simple process although does talk about professional portfolio

Redtalentmanagement – Bit far out but have emailed regardless as I do drive

LB Casting – 16 Years Plus

Serendipity – On their website they say £65 charge – I do wonder if they accept everyone that applies but mainly I am too sceptical – Applied Ruby for this one.

Mentor model agency – Applied Summer for this one, quick and easy to apply

Boss Model Management – Manchester way this one – Applied Summer

Articulate – They have weekly classes and then an agency if you attend classes by the looks. Based in Shipley looking at their class timetable – Affordable as well by the looks which is rare.

Lime Management – Applied Ruby by email.

Universal Extras – Need to be 16.5 to sign up

IPM – They have their own casting academy by the looks so could be the way in to this agency.

Northern light management – They have a small selection of stars on their books – You need to apply by post with SAE.

So that is my research of the agencies within our local area of Leeds, Sheffield areas and a few more further afield. Will see how we get on in the next few weeks. I will keep you updated, hope this has been a helpful list for you all and if you have any success please let me know by posting in the comments.



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