Making Extra Cash: Survey Sites

So I decided to make some extra cash around a year ago, little bits here and then usually paid in vouchers. I found through trial and error many sites were better than others, here is my experience of the sites.

ValuedOpinions – This site is hit and miss, sometimes loads of surveys and diary opportunities then a few days of nothing that you are eligible for. I am now a platinum member and so long as I keep my profile updated they only send relevant surveys. A really good site, I also won member of the month on their facebook which was a nice bonus.

Toluna – I have a love hate relationship with this site because the site does pay out EVENTUALLY. I have redeemed amazon around 3 or 4 times but it has taken around 9 weeks each time. The first time it was cancelled after 8 weeks and then I had to wait for paypal redeem so don’t expect a quick turn around. There are always surveys and opportunities but again it takes a long time to build points up. They used to have a section of test products as well but that has been removed for some reason which is a shame but they still send test products to try if your eligible for surveys.

Branded Surveys – Actually really like this site, easy to gain points, always have surveys available, cash out in about 6-7 days usually, contacted customer service once and they were quick to respond so again quite happy with the service. They do also give you a few points if you aren’t suitable which is always nice.

Mingle – I haven’t cashed out on this one yet but I have nearly redeemed enough points for a voucher. The site sends out invitations regularly and most of the time you get 5 points even if not eligible. I have also tested a few products for these. I have had no need to contact customer service but the site is nice and easy to navigate and haven’t had problems with them adding points so all good so far

Globaltestmarket – A great site, always has surveys, can build up points really quick. Customer service on here has got better of late and they do seem to be getting better at responding. The redeem period is around 5 days which works quite well and there is a great choice to redeem on.

YouGov – This is a brilliant site, takes a while probably 6 months – 1 year to get enough points however you get £50 BACS / cheque I think once you redeem. You never get disqualified from the surveys and the invitations are regular.

I did find some other sites but they seemed rather underpaid or many people were complaining that as soon as they tried to cash out their account was cancelled so I left them ones and the above keep me busy so don’t need any others.

If you have any others with success please feel free to add in comments.

6 thoughts on “Making Extra Cash: Survey Sites

  1. Great post! I’ve actually been rather curious about earning money from doing surveys. But wasn’t sure what sites were good. I’ll have to check out the ones you mentioned. Thank you for sharing your experiences.


  2. I’ve heard of Toluna! I’ve never tried it but seems interesting! The site I use to make extra cash is Swagbucks 😄


  3. Such a great well written post. I’ve heard and participated in a couple of these but there are so more here that I haven’t tried and will check them out. I do think they are a great way of making extra money if you have the time to put into them


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